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El Universal, 7 August 2010
Humanity remains under threat

Moments before the explosion of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, Japan,Yasuaki Yamashita’s mother took him by the hand and led him to the kitchen in their house, because they had seen that
there were more airplanes in the sky than normal.

“At that moment, a light as bright as thousands of lightening flashes appeared, and a huge
noise. My mother threw me to the ground and covered me with her body, we heard noises and
felt that things were flying around. Then a sudden silence” he recounted, returning to
a memory from 65 years ago.

He was six years old, which is why he cannot remember why on that day he had not been hunting dragonflies, a childhood game, with his friends in the mountains.

Later, one of his friends came back with serious burns and died within a few days, his body

Together with a floral wreath, guarded over by the flags of Japan and Mexico, Yasuaki –
a survivor of one humanity’s greatest tragedies – recalled his sister with her head full of
glass, bleeding and running for shelter.

With a grey sky and the air cold in Altar de la Patria in Bosque de Chapultepec yesterday
morning, his words were covered in pain and awoke mostly anger and sadness at the human
stupidity of today and yesterday.

The minute’s silence which was held and which moments later was interrupted by the noise of
an airplane, a helicopter and birds, was barely a single breath to remember the 150 thousand people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, events that brought the Second
World war to an end. Yasuaki Yamashita’s testimony was listened to by children who are barely 12 years old but who, like him, asked for “there to be peace in the world and no more war” as Fatima said.

She, like nine other children from Faro de Oriente in Iztapalapa, drew tanks and arms in the form of swings and slides, trees beneath the planet earth, surrounded by white doves and
children playing and carrying the word ‘PEACE’. Their thoughts in colour will be sent to Japan.

At the event, Giaconda Ubeda, Secretary General of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPANAL), called for the cities of the world to contribute to total nuclear disarmament and then warned that “humanity remains under the threat of more than 22 thousand nuclear arms.”

Later, the Government head, Marcelo Ebrard, repeated his commitment to lead in Mexico and Latin America as a promoter of the organisation Mayors for Peace and not to forget “one of the greatest tragedies of humanity”.










この式典で、OPANAL (中南米とカリブ諸国の核兵器禁止機関《仮約》)の事務局長ジョコンダ・ウベダ氏は世界の都市が核廃絶への貢献を求め、「2万2千発の核兵器の脅威のさらされている人々がいる」ことを述べた。


ピースボート ヒバクシャ地球一周 証言の航海-メキシコ新聞2



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